Shanghai Kaiquan Pump (Group) Co., Ltd. is a leading enterprise specializing in the design, production and sale of pumps, water-supply facilities and pump control equipment. Kaiquan boasts assets exceeding 2.5 billion yuan, with 7 enterprises and 5 industrial parks in Shanghai, Zhejiang, Hebei, Liaoning and Anhui, covering a total area of nearly 67 hectares, and a building area of 350,000 square meters for production.

For 12 consecutive years Kaiquan has achieved the highest volume of sales within China’s domestic pump industry. The company’s success has far outstripped that of its competitors, with Kaiquan’s profits reaching 3 billion yuan in 2013 – twice that of the nearest competitor.
Kaiquan’s excellence in business and engineering has been recognised with the following accolades: Shanghai Quality Golden Prize, the fourth place in Top 100 Shanghai PVT Enterprise, Shanghai Top 100 Technical Enterprise, Grade AAA China Quality Credit, Grade AAA National Contract Credit, Excellent Enterprise in Quality, Creditability and Services, China’s Most Competitive Commodity Trademark, and Advanced Unit of National Enterprise Cultural Construction. In 2013, Kaiquan was selected as one of China’s top 500 organisations in the mechanical industry for the third consecutive year, coming first place in the pump industry nationwide.


A highly-talented and highly-trained workforce is Shanghai Kaiquan Group’s driving force for development. The company has more than 5,000 employees, with 80% of staff holding a college degree, amongst which there are over 750 engineering technical staff, including some ofChina’s most renowned pump experts, professors, doctors, masters, middle and senior engineers, making up a team of innovative thinkers.


Science, technology and innovation are integral to Shanghai Kaiquan Group’sfuture success. Shanghai Kaiquan Group is a major advanced scientific and technical enterprise with the right to patents for intellectual property in Shanghai. Being an “urban industrial scientific-technical centre”, 5% of annual sales are directed towards scientific and technical research and the development of new products using innovative technologies.
Shanghai Kaiquan has created a highly sophisticated technical system with exclusive rights to intellectual property via the implementation of world systems software design studies (with specialized analysis of internal flow field of fluid mechanics for CFD, local metatheoretic CAE calculation and three-dimensional CAD, CAM, CAE, FMS CIMATRON). Currently Shanghai Kaiquan Group has around 200 patent projects (amongst which there are 5 national-level patent projects, and 2 national projects for science and technology).


Advanced equipment design and manufacturing works are a powerful guarantee of the development of the company. Shanghai Kaiquan Group has three advanced laboratories: focusing on mechanical, hydraulic and applied materials research, respectively. The company also opened 3 advanced test benches: thermal impact test bench, high-precision test stands of closed type and a major center of hydro testing, each of which has a world leading level of quality and accuracy. At the same time the company has the most advanced equipment within the country’s production system. Today, the company has equipped its production with over 1200 units and complete sets of production and inspection equipment, among which there are about 56 pieces of foreign equipment, 240 units of large machinery equipment and more than 300 sets of machine equipment with CNC. For example, boring and milling machine CNC WFT13, vertical lathe machine KTL-1600, boring and milling machining center CNC TK6916, 8-meter vertical lathe machine, 3-panel guide lathe, 2.5-meter 2-control vertical milling machine, high speed balancing machine HD7VS, etc.
The company has invested 150 million yuan in integrated pump production for thermal power, with the building of a full-size plant with a production area of 10,000 m2, the stroke width of which is 24 m in height alongside a lifting crane – with a capacity for 150 tons.
The company has also invested enormous capital investments in the amount of 300 million yuan for purchasing foreign high-tech equipment (6-axis 5-lever guide boring-milling machining center Profimill 4000/100-T, 9-axis 5-lever floor boring and milling machining center, large high-precision vertical milling center AC46TM-4000, 6-axis 5-lever machining center TRT314HS, 2.5-meter large-sized high-precision vertical milling center, etc.) to ensure the advancement of international resource production for pump processing and manufacturing, thereby guaranteeing the quality of products used in thermal power.


Shanghai Kaiquan Group continually takes into account the interests of buyers. In 2013, the total sales of the company were 3,000 million yuan, twice that of the nearest competitor,for the last 9 years Shanghai Kaiquan Group ranked first in sales of its products among domestic companies in the field of manufacturing. Shanghai Kaiquan Group pays great attention to the combination of high-quality service and advanced technologies, alongside high-quality service and productive business. The group’s 300 service-dedicated engineers provide comprehensive expert solutions for customers, and with the use of the latest technology, are able to respond highly efficiently to client requests. In addition, Kaiquan’s extensive national service network, composed of 32 sales branch companies and 361 agencies – allows the company to execute its “Blue Fleet Services” programme – allowing experienced technicians to respond to customer requests at any time of day, within a turnaround time of just 4 hours. Since its founding, Kaiquan has always strived to fullyunderstand the customers’ perspective of the production process – working to meet all their requirements, and thus producing products of reliable and approved quality.


Shanghai Kaiquan Group serves many industries and has become a benchmark of high-quality pump production for high profile domestic projects. Shanghai Kaiquan Group has successfully passed the test certificates “Quality Management System”, “International System of Environmental Management” and “Appropriate management system for health and safety” and the “American RAB multilateral international certificates.” The company’s products cover a wide range ofproduction spheres, including: construction, urban government management, power engineering, the petrochemical industry, mining and energy. With products divided into around 10 different international and domestic design standards (e.g. GB, ASME, ANSI) and the production of over 100 different kinds of products. The company’s products have been used within many different initiatives, including: the Chinese Government’s “South-North Water Transfer Project”; heat power plant construction in Datang Baoji, the building of power plants in Datang Wangtan and Beihai,a Huangdao oil terminal, the Sinopec Tianjin 1 million tons of ethylene project, Huaibei Mining Bureau, projects for Anyang Iron and Steel, EXPO, the mausoleum of Mao Zedong, Shanghai’s famous “Oriental Pearl” TV tower, Pudong International Airport’s Maglev in Shanghai, Beijing Metro system, and others.


In the future, Shanghai Kaiquan Group will strategically apply its expertise to supply pump manufacturing of a highstandard in China for projects related to the nuclear, large heat power, petrochemical and industries, which will allow a substantial contribution to the further development of pump manufacturing in China. Shanghai Kaiquan seeks to become a world famous brand, and intends to become a multinational corporation and a top 10 contender in the global pump market.