Y(B)Qseries (Explosive-proof) Submerged Motor Pump for Mines

Range of head: (m)

Range of head: 26~1440m

m Range of quantity(m3/h)

Range of quantity: 275~1450m3/h

The submerged motor pump for mines are products perfectly suitable for mine drainage developed based on the core technologies introduced from Ritzafter continuous improvement and innovation products. It features flood resistance, compact structure, stable performance, safe and reliable operation, low temperature rise, small vibration noise, high efficiency, and easy maintenance. In the meantime it improves ventilation in pumping stations, delivers environmentally-friendly performance, brings down operating costs, and offers automatic control.
Routine drainage for wells in coal mines , iron mines, nonferrous metals mines and other non-metallic mines Rescue and drainage for flooded mines

Artificial waterfall, landscape works and facilities with height of water
1.Axial-force self-balancing structure: two sets of impellers in equal number in opposite directions are arranged back to back to bring the axial force to zero

2.Water-filled motor: water-filled motors are adopted so that the internal water circulation goes with the water flow in external environment to take away heat and reduce motor temperature rise

3.Bearing material: water lubricated copper bearings and polymer composite FB102FB102 are employed as thrust bearing and motor guide bearing4.Diversified installation : they can be mounted in a vertical, horizontal, inclined way or at any angle
Quantity:275~1450m m3/h

Head:26~1440m RPM: 1470r/min


Medium temperature:-10 ~40℃

Ambient temperature: Maximum+40℃

Content of solid substances in water≤5% , Maximum size of solid particle:≤ 8mm PHvalue of medium:4~10
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